Project Profile

AMEY, Milton Keynes

amey Key Integrated Services


The Project

AMEY required various electrical installations carrying out including LV panel extension in the main switch room and ATT Building to accommodate new MCCBs, installation of various submains to several locations and 110V&415V maintenance sockets in the ATT Building for use by the site engineers.

Project Objectives

The client required the installation to be carried out quickly and effectively to provide the upgraded infrastructure required to maintain the plants effectiveness due to continued growth. A strict requirement from the client was zero health and safety incidents; this was successfully delivered by Key Integrated Services’ project team.


The site was a live waste tipping hall that had over 30 waste vehicles tipping a day inclose proximity to the project site. The project team were also working on the installation of cables at over 17m in height.


Key’s project team worked closely with the onsite maintenance and health and safety team to ensure safety barriers were installed in all areas where the team were working.The onsite scaffolding team also ensured all access to high level cable containment were scaffolded out to allow the project team safe access to carry out the task safely and efficiently.

The Results

The project was successfully completed within the required deadlines. The client was so pleased with the project that they have since given us other projects to complete and many future opportunities to tender.

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