Project Profile

Kings College Hospital, London

Kings College Hospital Key Integrated Services


The Project

Kings is an acute care facility in Southwark, London. The Infill 4 project started as a single modular theatre, but Trust requirements changed and the scheme grew considerably. The finished building contains four storeys and incorporates two specialist liver theatres, first stage recovery, isolation rooms, occupancy rooms and ward areas for some 50 patients.

Project Objectives

To deliver a new state of the art facility in a space that was a completely enclosed area within the building. Due to ever growing demands of the hospital, larger facilities were required.


With approximately 140 pre-serviced modules to deliver and erect on a virtually enclose site, with minimal space for contractors’ site setup and hospital access required 24 hours a day, the project was a significant challenge. A design and construction programme of just 24 weeks, ensured that critical operational dates were met and disruption to the hospital was kept to a minimum.


All plant was housed externally on the roof behind plant screens or in rooftop plant-rooms. Approximately 80% of the building services installation into the modules took place off-site at Elliot’s Yorkshire factory to enable programme dates to be met.

The Results

The scheme complies with all current HBN and HTM regulations. The energy efficient elements of the building such as solar energy generation, energy efficient heating, lighting and air conditioning installations, very efficient building insulation and structural air tightness made for a highly efficient building with the highest BREEAM score available to this type of building.

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