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Engineering a More Sustainable Future

A cleaner world Here at Key IS, we are expediting our journey to being a sustainable business with a sustainable future. Through both self-reflection and strategic collaboration with our partners and clients, we will strive to be responsible for positive impacts through the projects we undertake. We pride ourselves on our ability to transform organisations through their facilities and as such, we can target these transformations to deliver on our sustainable promises. At KeyIS, we have always taken sustainability very seriously and we are always looking for ways to manage our environmental impact, primarily through the reduction of carbon and waste. It is imperative that organisations take action now. It is abundantly clear that this is not a problem of the future, but an ill addressed issue of the present.

Our pledge

Thus, as a business, we have outlined actionable measures we can take, to improve our own sustainability. For a start, we will achieve zero carbon emissions by the end of 2023 for our head office, through the use of green technologies for heat, light, water and power, just one way we are moving towards a sustainable future. We are also looking to switch our fleet of company vehicles to electric wherever practicable, with low-carbon equivalents for the remainder, by 2030. Inevitably a more long term goal is to collaborate with our supply chain partners so that, wherever practicable, all procured materials will be net-zero by 2040. As this is dependent on other factors and concerns the transformation of long-standing supply chains, this is an important but longer-term focus for us as a business. Going forward, we will continue to encourage our partners to make environmentally conscious supply chain decisions to accelerate our timeline for a sustainable supply chain of materials. In tandem with this initiative, we ​​will also begin replacing old equipment with new, low-energy alternatives on an ongoing basis and providing in-house training to create a more sustainability aware workforce within KeyIS.


Our practices

In a truly self reflective manner, we must look across all areas of our organisation, in order to optimise our sustainability performance. We have devised strategies such as introducing more sustainable technologies, such as LED lighting, into all of our own offices and workshop facilities to further mitigate our carbon footprint. We will also work closely with our trusted partners to adopt new technologies which will help to achieve not only our own carbon targets, but those of our clients. We understand that there are instances when one simply cannot reduce emissions. However, by closely monitoring such instances, we will be able to offset their impact by contributing to verifiable environmental projects. We also acknowledge the importance of a solid carbon fulfilment partner and thus we will ensure our carbon offsetting is all done on the Gold Standard. If by 2040 our supply chain procurement cannot be net zero, we’ll encourage those partners to offset by investing in verifiable environmental projects, so that collectively we can achieve that ambition. This is our commitment to engineering a more sustainable future.


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