KeyIS are specialists in all aspects of heating, ventilation and air conditioning. We provide our expertise to a number of sectors ranging from commercial premises to the most complex ventilation in the pharmaceutical, healthcare and food & beverage Sectors. Our comprehensive offering in this discipline is backed up by our vast experience and proven project delivery. Our services include:

Air Handling Systems

KeyIS are highly experienced in the design and installation of all aspects of air handling systems to meet your specific requirements.

This includes Air Handling Units (AHU), Heat Recovery Units (HRU) and Extract Systems.

Our bespoke designs ensure that your specific occupancy, temperature, humidity and air change requirements are met.


Variable Refrigerant Flow (VRF) / Direct Expansion (DX) Refrigerant Cooling

We are experienced in the design, installation and commissioning of both VRF and DX systems.

VRF systems consist of a multiple unit system from a centralised source which are then distributed to individual room units. We install various types of internal units including wall mounted, cassette ceiling types or concealed ducted units.

DX systems will cool individual rooms such as offices or server rooms for user comfort and can also be used for process applications such as chilling cold storage rooms.

We install a range of manufacturers equipment, including: Mitsubishi (Diamond Partner), Daikin, Toshiba and Samsung.


Local Extract Ventilation (LEV)
Local Extract Ventilation (LEV), also known as local exhaust ventilation, is used for processes and room activities that generate heat, dust or fumes.

We design and install LEV systems to meet all regulatory and best practice guidelines to ensure the minimum exposure limits for users. We ensure that any substances subject to an explosion risk will conform to ATEX legislative requirements.


Close Control Environments
Our close control environments maintain specific temperature and humidity levels to meet specific requirements. We have extensive experience in designing solutions for a range of facilities that require a controlled environment including laboratory environments, food and healthcare production.


Evaporative Cooling Ventilation
Our evaporative cooling ventilation is an alternative to air conditioning units for environments and workplaces that require different needs. Our expertise ensures we always design and install the best-suited ventilation system, whatever your needs.


GMP Ventilation Systems
We design and install all types of GMP Ventilation Systems in the Pharmaceutical, Industrial and Food Production sectors.

We ensure that all systems provide the appropriate heating, ventilation and refrigeration to maintain proper environmental and sanitary conditions to meet your specific requirements.


Ductwork Installation and Fabrication (including Stainless Steel & Fire rated)
Our ductwork installation and fabrication, typically made from galvanised mild-steel thin-gauge plate, can also be made from other materials such as: stainless steel, aluminium, plastic and fibreglass and is fire rated.

KeyIS sizes and fabricates the ductwork to suit the air volumes whilst being designed to international standards, such as DW144 or SMACNA.


Commissioning & Validation

All the systems we install are commissioned to meet current CIBSE code of practice and guidelines. We are also able to provide commissioning, conditioning surveys and validation services to existing HVAC systems.

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