How the Construction Industry Survived a Pandemic: Our Perspective

The past year of living and working through a global pandemic has definitely been one to remember. The value of all construction work in November 2020 hit £14.01bn and the infrastructure sector saw a 10% jump in growth from October 2020 according to the Office for National Statistics. Whilst many industries saw a lull in business across the past year, the construction and build industry has witnessed significant growth however many of us were forced to switch to a more digital mindset as working from home became the norm for a number of our employees.

Mark Poulton, Director and Owner of Key Integrated Services reflected saying;

“The pandemic totally reinforced my main belief in what it takes to build a good business – great people. Great people will get behind you when it counts and that is what has truly got us through this pandemic. We feel that the economy is going really well as a result of all the stimulus so it has definitely had a positive outcome at the end.”

Over the past year, we have implemented a lot of new and improved processes to keep both our colleagues and our clients safe. We heavily invested in video conferencing equipment to ensure we made the most out of every online meeting. As a business, we have seen productivity increase and improve as a result of the use of our video conferencing software, so this was a benefit that occurred as a result of everyone having to work from home.

Across our leadership team, we have learnt to appreciate and recognise when our staff would prefer to work remotely, even up to the present day, which has been a real culture shift within our business but one we have welcomed with open arms. We have recently adopted a fully blended approach of both working from home and working in the office as we recognise that collaboration is key for our business and due to the technical side of our projects it is often necessary and more productive to all be together in the office. Thus, we understand that a balanced mix between working from home and working in the office is the best option for our business. We also recognise that some team members struggle to work from home as it can be lonely and mentally draining, therefore we actively encourage these team members to come into the office and utilise our bustling and vibrant workplace full of friendly faces that encourage social interaction.

We understand and recognise that there are many people who have suffered and been negatively affected as a result of the pandemic, whether that be physically or mentally. We wanted to ensure that we supported our local community throughout this difficult period. So we actively got involved in supporting two young local girls who were walking 32 miles a day for five days to raise money for their poorly friend.

At Key Integrated Services, we provide expertise and implementation in all aspects of building services and can deliver your project from concept to commissioning. We can also provide full maintenance support tailored to your exact requirements. Have you got a new project coming up? Are you looking to talk to an expert on a particular project you’re working on? We’re here to help! Reach out to us at to arrange a call about your requirements.

As a result of the incredible boom the construction industry has faced, we are growing as a business and at pace, we have new people joining our team all the time and we are constantly on the lookout for future team members as we are keen to keep up with the rapid growth of the industry. All in all, we have done very well, the maintenance side of the business maintained turnover and despite there being a dip in the project side of the business for a short period of time, we are up and running again which is very positive. See our range of projects here.

We are growing as a business and as a team and we are really excited for the future of Key Integrated Services!

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