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A Sustainable Partnership with the UK’s leader of Vertical Farming

We are delighted to announce that Key Integrated Services have secured a market-leading project supporting the future of farming with the specialist market leader of Vertical Farming.

Have you heard of vertical farming? They pride themselves on growing sustainable, locally-sourced produce minimising food miles and using a fraction of the land required for field-grown crops. They are revolutionising the farming industry through their Vertical Farms, an automated, climate-controlled environment operating 365 days a year, providing yields 250 times greater than conventional farms.

In line with our company sustainability promise, we are delighted to be working with this market leader who is revolutionising farming with their scalable, next generation, Vertical Farms.

Director of Key Integrated Services, Mark Poulton said;

“We recognise the strain food production puts on the planet and that things need to change. We already work with a number of other food producers that focus on sustainable production but not to this scale, we are extremely excited to be involved with this project.”

How does vertical farming work?

These vertical farms use closed systems with an energy-efficient, LED-based lighting system to produce crops of the highest quality with their leafy greens grown in trays racked 15 levels high and harvested via a highly-automated process. Additionally, they are bio-secure ensuring they exclude all germs and pests and require no pesticides, herbicides or insecticides.

Big data is used to optimise the growing conditions within the farms and highly automated harvesting processes are utilised to create gourmet produce at an industrial scale. Leafy greens (such as rocket watercress, chard, basil, dill and parsley) are grown from seeds in rock wool or perlite with all the nutrients delivered in a water solution – with no soil being required. Thanks to the climate-controlled environment and data analytics, they can produce hundreds of harvests annually, compared with the five or six available for field-grown crops – with minimal manual intervention.

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