Project Profile

Johnson Matthey E3 Dry Room

Johnson Matthey Key Integrated Services


The Project

Johnson Matthey are one of the largest specialist chemical companies in the world, Key were delighted to be appointed as the main contractor to design and deliver the fit out of a vacant space within an existing facility.The facility will provide research and development for their process technologies division researching new battery technologies.

Project Objectives

The main focus for the client was the provision of a new ultra-low humidity dry room, with a dew point of-40oC. In addition to this there were a host of other requirements to form complete working laboratories.


Ultra-Low Humidity Dry Rooms are extremely difficult to create. When operating at these extremes you begin to enter unchartered territory in terms of design support & knowledge of other items such as material suitability. From constructing the dry room to achieve air tightness to very high air change rates there were many challenges to this project.


KeyIS carried out extensive research into the most suitable materials for the dry room. A highly airtight room & ductwork system were constructed with dry airprovided from a DST air handling unit with Dessicant Rotor. Some 165 air changes per hour were achieved by a perforated plate wall in the dry room.

The Results

The project was a complete success with a great facility handed over to Johnso nMatthey. The room actually achieved a dew point of-60oC exceeding the clients expectations & enabling additional research to be carried out.

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