Project Profile

BAE Building 430

BAE Building 430 Key integrated services


The Project

This project was to extend BAE Systems’ existing manufacturing capability. It also incorporated a new access road to link the south side of the Samlesbury site in Lancashire from east to west and refurbishment work within the existing building.

Project Objectives

The objective of the facility was to support delivery of BAE’s contract with Lockehed Martin for the US Joint Strike Force Programme.


Working with a client such as BAE presents its own challenges, this was a live high security manufacturing site housing highly sensitive, finite calibrated machinery susceptible to vibration and dust.


Working with the wider team at Key Integrated Services, we provided a complex ventilation system to meet the needs of the facility. A very large air handling plant was used to both heat & cool the space with jet nozzles utilised in the open manufacturing area and a multitude of other systems throughout this very large facility.

The Results

BAE Systems has now completed 150 aircraft as part of the F35 fighter programme with the rear fuselage and tail set being produced at Samlesbury. Key Integrated Services are immensely proud to have been part of this journey.

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