Project Profile

Brakes Food

Brakes Key Integrated Services


The Project

Serving chefs across the food industry for over 50 years, Brakes is a business built on quality, reliability, innovation and trust. The project was to refurbish office and amenity facilities at their service depot in Bristol.

Project Objectives

The main objectives were to replace the services in the amenities and office space as part of an overall refurbishment in a live environment.


Being in a live environment, the challenge was to utilise the existing main services and plant, to serve the reconfigured services in the refurbished areas. This allowed a complete upgrade of the offices and amenities facilities whilst meeting current regulations.


Working from a performance specification the team at Key Integrated Services produced a detailed design to meet the client’s requirements. Whilst completing validations other works were identified which were incorporated into the overall refurbishment of the premises.

The Results

The project was handed over to the client’s satisfaction and greatly improved the working environment and facilities for all operatives working at the site.

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