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Ferndale Foods

Ferndale Foods Key Integrated Services


Ferndale Foods Key Integrated Solutions Ferndale Foods Key Integrated Services Ferndale Foods Key Integrated Services

The Project

Our customer, who specialises in making and developing retailer-labelled prepared foods for top UK grocery retailers, had a requirement to increase cooking facilities to support the growth of the business.


Project Objectives

Key Integrated Services were tasked to extend and expand the existing steam, high pressure hot water, hot and cold domestic services, above ground drainage, chilled water, compressed air and gas services into new areas formed within the original facility and to a new extension of the building.


The client’s new production equipment had to be online for use by the client, all within a challenging program and within the financial constraints. The work had to be carried out in phases whilst maintaining the existing production.


Three new ventilation systems were installed with heating and cooling capabilities suitable for the conditions required by the client for the new cooking processes. Steam and condensate services were extended along with chilled water via a plate heat exchanger, to service the client’s new cooking facilities. Domestic services for washing and hygiene regimes were also facilitated.

The Results

The client now has increased capabilities with up to date cooking processes to meet their growth expectations. Our client is extremely pleased with Key’s professional approach and performance, co-ordinating closely with the client’s equipment suppliers, throughout the project.

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