Project Profile

Freshcut Foods, Nottingham

Freshcut Foods Key Integrated Foods


The Project

Freshcut Foods based in Nottingham, are producers of all manner of bespoke cooked and raw ready-to-eat vegetables and carbohydrates. As part of their continued growth, the project was the fit-out of a newly acquired building adjacent to their existing factory. Key were appointed to undertake the design and installation of the mechanical & electrical services.


Project Objectives

The existing building required extensive modifications to turn it into a state of the art production premises needed to support the expansion of the company. As well as production area, the building also need to accommodate an amenity area to house the offices, meeting rooms, offices & QA Labs.


All the incoming services needed to be upgraded to meet the new electrical and mechanical demands of the new facility. This meant increased High voltage (HV) & incoming water capacity as well as installing a new steam main from the existing factory to support the new hot water, HVAC and tray wash plant. Due to the limited height of the building, all services within the production area below the amenities mezzanine deck needed careful co-ordination and a high-quality finish as were all surface mounted.



The project had to be planned in detail to avoid clashes with other trades due to the timescale of the project and the limited space available. All services designs were developed alongside the client to ensure that the new facility could meet the expected production output.


The Results

The project was completed on time and Freshcut began production in the building in time to meet their client’s expectations. After showing one of their clients around the factory after completion, they commented that it was the best production facility they had seen!


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